How can review sites boost your business?

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01 Mar 2024

How can review sites boost your business?

In the digital age, the humble customer review has grown in stature to play a pivotal role in shaping start-ups. After all, it’s only in our current digital age that online reviews can either make millionaires in a day, or be instantly, virally devastating.

Word of mouth now flies at the speed of a click or a tap. Therefore, it wields unprecedented influence over purchasing decisions. So, for a business owner, harnessing the power of review sites like Trustpilot and Glassdoor isn’t a choice; it's a strategic ‘must-do’. In this article, we'll explore how reviews for businesses and leveraging business review sites can significantly boost your start-up. Helping you attract and retain customers, increase visibility, and support SEO efforts, all while helping to beat your competition.

Benefits of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are more than just fitting words. They are powerful tools that can shape how people see your brand. Positive website reviews do not only build credibility. They also increase awareness and build trust in your business. They act as social proof, giving potential customers with real insights into the experiences of others.

As part of broader digital marketing strategies, reviews can significantly impact SEO (search engine optimisation). This means higher search rankings and increased organic traffic. This connection between reviews and digital marketing strategies creates a cycle that can drive your start-up forward.

Website Reviews For Business

How do review sites help businesses? Not all review sites are created equal, and for SMEs, choosing the right platforms is crucial. Here's a breakdown of some key review sites and what makes them particularly relevant for small businesses:

  • Trustpilot: Known for its transparency and credibility, Trustpilot is a go-to platform for customer reviews. Its user-friendly interface and wide reach make it an ideal choice for SMEs looking to build trust and attract a broader audience.

  • Glassdoor: While traditionally associated with employee reviews, Glassdoor also provides insights into a company's culture. Which can influence potential customers. Positive employee reviews contribute to you having a positive ‘employer brand’ and therefore a positive overall brand image.

  • Yelp: Local businesses thrive on Yelp, where customer reviews can significantly impact foot traffic and customer acquisition. A strong presence on Yelp can make a substantial difference for SMEs targeting a local customer base.

  • Tripadvisor: If your start-up operates in the travel or hospitality industry, Tripadvisor is a must. Positive reviews on this platform can drive bookings and elevate your brand in the highly competitive tourism sector.

  • Amazon: If you have physical products to sell, Amazon was one of the first, most trusted sources for consumers looking for more info before buying something online.

  • Foursquare:If you own a bar or restaurant, the chances are that someone’s already reviewed your business on Foursquare. So optimise your listing by adding social media links and menu details.

How to Get More Online Reviews

Now that you understand the importance of reviews for businesses and have identified relevant platforms, the next step is to actively seek and generate more reviews for your start-up. Here are some practical tips tailored to SMEs:

  • Optimise Your Presence: Ensure your business profiles on review sites are complete, accurate, and compelling. This lays the foundation for positive reviews.

  • Ask for Feedback: Actively encourage your customers to leave reviews. This can be done through follow-up emails, social media posts, or even in-store signage. Make the process as simple as possible.

  • Incentivise Reviews: Consider offering discounts, exclusive promotions, or loyalty points in exchange for honest reviews. This not only motivates customers but also adds an extra layer of customer engagement.

  • Respond to Reviews: Engage with your customers by responding to both positive and negative reviews. Show gratitude for positive feedback and address concerns raised in negative reviews. This demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction.

In today's competitive business world, customer reviews are crucial for success. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can use platforms like Trustpilot and Glassdoor strategically to keep their current customers happy and attract new ones. This boosts their visibility and helps with online search rankings. Remember, conversations are happening about your business online, and reviews are their way of making their voices heard. So, don't shy away from it. Engage with your customers, and you'll see your business stand out from the competition.


How do you grow a business with reviews?

  • Encourage Authentic Reviews: Actively seek genuine customer feedback to build a trustworthy online reputation.

  • Showcase Positivity: Feature positive reviews on your website and social media platforms as compelling testimonials.

  • Transparent Response: Respond openly and constructively to negative reviews, showing your commitment to your customers’ satisfaction.

  • SEO Optimisation: Leverage the SEO benefits of reviews by incorporating relevant keywords and encouraging customers to mention specific details about your products or services.

  • Continuous Improvement: Use customer feedback to enhance the quality of your products or services, demonstrating adaptability and a dedication to meeting customer needs.

  • Engage and Foster Loyalty: Foster customer loyalty by engaging with customers who leave reviews, acknowledging their input, and building a personal connection.

  • Strategic Marketing: Integrate reviews into your overall marketing strategy, using social proof to attract new customers and build credibility.

Do Reviews Boost Sales?

Definitely! Reviews can significantly boost sales by building trust, providing social proof, and influencing potential customers' purchasing decisions.

For more help with customer reviews, or any other part of your business, get 1-2-1 support from our team of V-Hub Digital Advisers.

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