Three ways cloud tech could support your sustainability journey

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28 Mar 2023

Three ways cloud tech could support your sustainability journey

Seeing your budgets shrink? There are ways in which you can help reduce costs, while also supporting ESG (environmental, social and governance) plans. When combined, this might just give you a competitive edge too.

This is all possible when you use cloud technology.

If you’re wondering how this tech could impact your ESG plans, the truth is customers are becoming more concerned about what the businesses they buy from are doing to help look after our planet. So, focusing on improving your ESG plans and communicating this to customers could help you keep up with their demands. Even better, it might save you some money along the way.

That’s one of the reasons why more companies are choosing to use cloud technology to improve everyday business. The question is, could it benefit you too?

Here’s how you could use cloud technology to make your business a better place.

#1: To help reduce your carbon footprint

Does your business save everything to a central server? If so, your information will be backed up at a data centre. Picture a room with floor to ceiling tech and lots of cables.

In reality, these data centres use huge amounts of energy, and could be responsible for as much as 8% of global energy consumption by 2030. However, if you switch to a cloud data centre (one stored online, rather than in a physical room), you could help cut those figures back and start reducing your digital carbon footprint (or data footprint). This, in turn, could also help reduce your energy consumption, according to Deloitte.

What’s more, data stored in the cloud is encrypted, which can help keep business information safe and secure.

#2: To make less electronic waste

How often do you need to replace your team’s hardware (physical tech like laptops, phones and screens)? If the old tech isn’t disposed of properly, it often goes to landfill. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, 57.5m tonnes of electronic waste was generated in 2021 – heavier than the Great Wall of China.

This may only get worse if habits around discarding devices don’t change. Here’s where cloud technology can come in. By linking devices to the cloud, you can free up space and make the most of their lifecycle – until it really is time for it to be recycled.

#3: To help you take accountability

Since customers want to know what changes your business is making to become more sustainable, you can use the cloud to keep them informed, while helping you track progress too.

By creating live documents within the cloud, you can let your whole team share updates in real-time, making sure the most relevant information is always available. Through this document, you can have an easy-to-manage, single source for sharing the changes you’re making, showing your customers, team and the wider world where you are on your ESG journey and how you plan to move forward.

Get started today

You might have just started your business or be running with a team, but cloud technology can help you set similar goals to Fortune 1000 companies. How? 59% of business leaders plan to use the cloud to improve their ESG plans, according to a PwC survey.

So, by modelling these behaviours, you’ll be doing well by your company and customers too.

If you want to learn about reasons it pays to be a sustainable business, you can read on here.

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