This is what an app offers to keep customers coming back

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13 Mar 2023

This is what an app offers to keep customers coming back

Everyone seems to have a mobile, but did you know there are 6.6 billion estimated smartphone users globally? That’s a huge amount of people talking, tweeting, and tapping away on their phones – day in, day out.

So, it’s no surprise that making the most of everything smartphones have to offer is a good business move – whether that’s marketing on social media or maybe even creating an app...

You might be wondering if an app could help your business right now. Or you may have thought about it in the past but didn’t move forward. We can help you figure it out and make sure you’re setting your business up for success in the future. After all, 'Fit for the Future' businesses are open to the potential of new technology and plan to use it to transform ways of working.

Follow this quick-fire guide to get started.

What can an app offer your business?

#1: Better personalisation options

- Recommend personalised products based on what you know about each customer.

- Offer loyal customers personalised discounts.

- Give users an experience tailored to them.

#2: Round-the-clock marketing opportunities

- Send push notifications straight to customers’ home screens.

- Offer real-time discounts.

- Give personal discount codes for users to share with family and friends, to encourage app downloads and help you find new customers.

#3: Easier shopping in one, secure place

- Create an easy shopping experience that keeps customers signed in, securely.

- Save payment details securely for one-click shopping, so users only have to enter their card details once.

- Use a customer-first design to help them easily explore your products or services.

#4: Reminders that put your business in front of customers every day (even if you don’t sell anything)

- Help customers create healthy habits through healthy eating or fitness reminders.

- Create a daily activity to bring customers back.

- Encourage customers to make sustainable choices by sending recycling reminders or sustainability tips.

#5: Instant, seamless customer service

- Allow real-time customer service contact through a chat function, helping customers feel more connected to your business.

- Launch an easy-to-access FAQ page to answer questions before customers have them.

- Create a go-to place for customer service to ensure you stay on top of queries.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been set up for many years, creating an app isn’t just about keeping up with tech, it’s about meeting customer demand. Since customers’ phones are part of their everyday lives, perhaps it’s time to meet them there?

Plus, no matter what features your app includes, getting set up will put your business in front of them every day. So, you can think of it like adding your business card to their wallet.

This might all be making sense, but creating an app won’t always be the right thing to do. It’s time to think carefully about whether an app would benefit your business. Is there a valuable place in the market? Will the work and effort involved in building it outweigh the short-term time and cost? Make sure you answer these questions before you start to plan.

Interested in developing an app, but still have questions? Read our summary on helping you to decide if your business needs a mobile app.

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